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What is ArcheType?

ArcheType starts with you. You have given precious hours to a project of passion. We’re ready to help make your venture — and you — be the ArcheType for your generation.

ArcheType is an opportunity for young change makers like you to invest in their ideas for a better tomorrow. With support from the experts and partners of the Aspen Institute, you will expand the influence of an existing social impact venture and amplify your potential. You will work with a unique and passionate network of coaches and champions who, like you, are ready to grow and create change. They will help realize your power to disrupt for good.

How does it work?

Over the course of approximately 14-weeks, you will come together with your cohort once a month for a weekend-long session. During these sessions, we’ll offer workshops to inform your work — and you — and nurture the resiliency and skills so crucial to reaching your goals. We won’t pretend we know what the goals are that you wish to achieve — that’s why we’ll work with you to shape an experience aligned with your needs.

Workshop topics may include design thinking; raising financial capital; marketing and storytelling; network building; and strategies for scale. In between each of the four sessions, we’ll host virtual meet-ups, offer a chance to meet new people and grow your network, enable you to tap into the Aspen Institute’s global network of leaders and entrepreneurs, and provide a space to reflect, iterate, and maybe even build a deeper sense of purpose along the way.

You’ll also have a chance to share what you’re doing. We’ll work together to tell your story and invite you to showcase your work on a national stage at the Aspen Institute’s first annual festival for young people from across the country, to be held in Washington, DC. You’ll also share your work with a more intimate, local audience eager to work with and invest in you. We will leverage what we learn together to shape a fresh narrative for what young people are capable of doing, enabling you to tell your stories and generate a ripple of inspiration.

What’s the commitment?

To commit to ArcheType is to become a part of a community of peers who want to grow with you. It’s a community you’ll have with you long after your time with ArcheType. We ask that you commit to be curious and be bold, to be eager to learn and be open to change.

To be an ArcheType will require diligence. It will require dedication. And to start, it will require an application.

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