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“I am today’s generation. I am a creator, freethinker, and world-changer.
I am a nonconformist leading a blooming cultural revolution.
I am a motivated change-maker with powerful ideas.
The ripple effect of change starts with me —
so I can light the way to inspire others to do good.
I Am ArcheType.”

What is ArcheType?

Today’s young people are not afraid to turn the tide instead of going with the flow – they are narrators of their own stories and the face of our world’s future. For those of you who are willing to say, ”I am ArcheType,” we’ll invest in your ideas for a better tomorrow.


They will realize their power to disrupt for good.

How it works


We will recruit 18-24 year-olds who are already making impactful change with existing social ventures. We will engage the “unusual suspects” who are intrinsically motivated, are unafraid of charging forward in the midst of adversity, and who have diverse experiences.

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We will nurture our participants’ potential with uniquely tailored, shared learning experiences featuring workshops, events, virtual meetups, and peer-to-peer evaluation. Participants will have ownership in the design of their experience and set self-paced stretch goals tied to financial incentives.

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Participants will be equipped with digital storytelling tools to tell their stories and generate a ripple of inspiration for other youth to take action. They will showcase their work in local and national events. We will leverage our research to build a new lexicon for youth agency.

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ArcheType will be a laboratory for understanding the triggers and barriers of youth agency and impact of social ventures. We will leverage our research to shape a fresh narrative for what young people are capable of doing.

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ArcheType is part of Youth & Engagement Programs at the Aspen Institute. Its mission is to empower generations of thoughtful, socially-conscious, and diverse young people engaged in solving the critical issues of the day. The Aspen Institute is a nonpartisan forum for values-based leadership and the exchange of ideas.

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Become an Archetype.